10 common exposure problems every photographer faces (and how to fix them)

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    Exposure Problem 9. Shutter speed too slow to freeze movement

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    When you’re concentrating on getting the exposure so that all the highlights are retained and the shadows aren’t featureless blobs it’s easy to forget that the shutter speed needs to be kept fast enough to freeze any movement in the scene.

    It’s a particular problem when shooting in relatively low light indoors or photographing a music gig.

    In some cases it may just be a case of opening up the aperture a little more to allow a faster shutter speed, but often you need to increase the sensitivity setting.

    Many photographers dread using high sensitivity settings because they are worried about creating images with lots of noise, but provided you keep within the cameras native sensitivity range and don’t use the expansion settings you should be okay.

    It’s worth bearing in mind that a noisey image is usually preferable to a blurred one.

    Another solution is to use flash to introduce a bit more light and allow a faster shutter speed.

    This is fine for indoor portraits of friends and family, but it’s normally frowned upon when shooting gigs and the like, so you’ll have to stick with using high sensitivity settings and wide apertures in these situations.

    Exposure Problem 1. White subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 2. Black subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 3. Camera in the wrong exposure mode
    Exposure Problem 4. Underexposed back-lit subject
    Exposure Problem 5. Spotmeter on
    Exposure Problem 6. Underexposed foreground in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 7. Overexposed clouds in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 8. Exposure compensation set incorrectly
    Exposure Problem 9. Shutter speed too slow to freeze movement
    Exposure Problem 10. Wrong sensitivity setting selected


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