10 common exposure problems every photographer faces (and how to fix them)

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    Exposure Problem 4. Underexposed back-lit subject

    Backlighting Portraits: evaluative metering

    When a subject is lit from behind or is much darker than it’s surroundings a camera can easily be fooled into underexposing the most important part of the image in an attempt to balance the exposure across the frame.

    The simplest way to get the exposure right with a backlit subject is to switch to either centre-weighted- or spot-metering.

    Centre-weighted metering puts greater emphasis on exposing the centre of the frame correctly, while spotmetering only takes the brightness of the object under the spotmetering area into account when selecting the exposure settings.

    Helpfully, many cameras have a custom function (check your camera’s manual for details) that allows the spotmetering area to be linked to the active AF point, so even if your subject is off centre, it will be correctly exposed.

    Exposure Problem 1. White subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 2. Black subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 3. Camera in the wrong exposure mode
    Exposure Problem 4. Underexposed back-lit subject
    Exposure Problem 5. Spotmeter on
    Exposure Problem 6. Underexposed foreground in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 7. Overexposed clouds in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 8. Exposure compensation set incorrectly
    Exposure Problem 9. Shutter speed too slow to freeze movement
    Exposure Problem 10. Wrong sensitivity setting selected


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