10 common exposure problems every photographer faces (and how to fix them)

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    Exposure Problem 3. Camera in the wrong exposure mode

    How to control depth of field in Aperture Priority mode: step 2

    This is a classic error that is most likely to happen if your camera has a mode dial without a lock.

    A slight knock, or even just the action of removing the camera from a bag can be enough to knock the dial out of position.

    Suddenly, instead of shooting in aperture priority mode in which you set the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed, you are in manual mode and whichever shutter speed was last selected is being used.

    The same problem can arise if you normally shoot in aperture or shutter priority (for example), but occasionally switch to manual to deal with tricky lighting conditions.

    If you forget to switch back to the semi-automatic mode and don’t check the camera settings you can shoot away with the wrong exposure set.

    The only solution to this problem is to get into the habit of checking the exposure mode before you start shooting – or tape down that pesky mode dial.

    Exposure Problem 1. White subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 2. Black subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 3. Camera in the wrong exposure mode
    Exposure Problem 4. Underexposed back-lit subject
    Exposure Problem 5. Spotmeter on
    Exposure Problem 6. Underexposed foreground in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 7. Overexposed clouds in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 8. Exposure compensation set incorrectly
    Exposure Problem 9. Shutter speed too slow to freeze movement
    Exposure Problem 10. Wrong sensitivity setting selected


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