10 common exposure problems every photographer faces (and how to fix them)

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    Exposure Problem 10. Wrong sensitivity setting selected

    Tips from our professional photographer: increase your ISO

    If you’ve been shooting in low light indoors and without a tripod then the chances are that you’ll have set a high sensitivity setting.

    Unless you switch to a lower value when you head outside into the bright sunlight you’ll find that the camera is suggesting very high shutter speeds and small aperture settings.

    If the camera is in an automatic or semi-automatic shooting mode in some cases you might find that you can’t take a shot because the maximum shutter speed is exceeded, or minimum aperture setting is not small enough.

    Conversely, if you have been shooting in bright light and then go somewhere with much lower lighting the sensitivity value maybe too low so very long exposures are required.

    Without a tripod, long exposure settings will result in blurred movement and soft images.

    Exposure Problem 1. White subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 2. Black subject made grey
    Exposure Problem 3. Camera in the wrong exposure mode
    Exposure Problem 4. Underexposed back-lit subject
    Exposure Problem 5. Spotmeter on
    Exposure Problem 6. Underexposed foreground in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 7. Overexposed clouds in a landscape
    Exposure Problem 8. Exposure compensation set incorrectly
    Exposure Problem 9. Shutter speed too slow to freeze movement
    Exposure Problem 10. Wrong sensitivity setting selected


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