How to use a camera: master manual mode for total control

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    How to get started in manual mode

    How to get started in manual mode: step 1

    1  Adjust the most important setting
    For this shot we want to freeze movement, so we need a fast shutter speed. Use the control dial to set the shutter speed to 1/1000 sec. Start with the ISO set to 400, but change this if there isn’t enough light to get the correct exposure.

    How to get started in manual mode: step 2

    2 Use the exposure meter
    Now you can change the aperture, until the indicator under the exposure metering bar is below the 0, rather than + or -. If you can’t get the indicator to zero, even at the maximum aperture, you should increase the ISO setting.

    How to get started in manual mode: step 3

    3 Fine-tune the exposure
    Now take a test shot to check whether the exposure needs adjusting. On the LCD, check the histogram, and use a smaller aperture (or lower ISO) if the result is over-exposed, or a wider aperture (or higher ISO) if it’s under-exposed.


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