How to use a camera: master manual mode for total control

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    Use longer shutter speeds in manual mode

    Use longer shutter speed in manual mode

    One of the other benefits of using Manual exposure mode is that you can use shutter speeds longer than the range available in other modes by using a feature known as Bulb.

    In Bulb mode the shutter opens when you press the shutter release, and remains open for as long as you hold it down.

    To avoid moving the camera you’ll need to use a remote release, ideally one with a locking mechanism to hold the shutter open for long periods.

    Using Bulb you can’t use the cameras metering, so it can take a few test shots to determine the actual shutter speed you need to use.

    Bulb is perfect for achieving the extremely long shutter speeds needed for night shooting techniques such 
as light trails, painting with light or moonlit landscapes.


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