Professional Photographer to the Rescue: seaside sunset photography made easy

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    Shot of the Day

    Shot of the Day

    Image by Jim Hunstman

    Tom says
    “This really is a top shot – any pro would be happy to capture one this good. This was made all the more impressive considering Jim’s skill levels at the start of the day. He’s set up a complementary vertical composition with the main fairground wheel in the top-right third.

    “By using a slow shutter speed Jim’s captured the movement of the big wheel’s lights and also softened the lapping waves coming into shore. Finally, a long exposure has softened the waters, which also means the reflection of lights in sea is more visible. Well done!”

    Jim says
    “This is easily my best ever photo! With my tripod set up for the best composition, we took a sequence of shots at different aperture/shutter speed combinations from 1 sec at f/4.5 to 10 sec at f/14 – I would never have realised I could take a 10 sec exposure.

    “We found 8 sec at f/10 captured the movement of the big wheel in its best light. I was also surprised that, although the sky looked dark to my eye, my Canon camera captured lovely deep blue, graduated colours.”

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