Professional Photographer to the Rescue: seaside sunset photography made easy

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    Our professional photographer’s recommended gear

    Best Tripod Heads: Vanguard SBH-100

    Tripod and ball head

    Capturing landscape and low-light shots makes a tripod essential. “When shooting landscapes it often means I’ll be using a narrow aperture and therefore a slow shutter speed, so I always use my tripod to keep my shots sharp,” says Tom.

    “A tripod also helps me compose shots accurately, and I can keep firing while watching the light to get the best shot.” Tom has a Giottos 8361B Pro MT carbon fibre tripod and Giottos MH1301 Series II ball head.


    Best cheap photo accessories: spirit level

    Hotshoe spirit level
    “When shooting on uneven surfaces or when your tripod legs are sunk into the sand, the spirit level on the top of the tripod legs or head won’t tell you if your DSLR is level. This is why I always use a hotshoe spirit level as then I can be sure my EOS 5D Mk II is parallel with the ground – which means my photos and their horizons will be spot on too.”


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: remote release

    Remote release
    Tom’s never caught without his remote  control. “As a pro, I always do all I can to obtain sharp shots – clients don’t want, and you can’t sell, blurred photos!” says Tom.

    “Even pressing the shutter button can create unwanted camera shake, this can be even more evident when taking long (1-10 sec) exposures. So I use a Canon RS-80N3 Remote Switch to fire my shutter safely.”


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: ND grad filters

    ND Grads
    Inject extra drama into your landscapes with filters. “I use Neutral Density (ND) Grads for obtaining balanced exposures when the sky’s brighter than the foreground. I also use straight ND filters so I can achieve slow shutter speeds in daylight for capturing soft milky waters,” reveals Tom. “I also use Lee Filters’ polariser and ND Grad filters at the same time to capture nicely contrasting, colourful skies.”


    Our professional photographer's recommended gear: Sun compass

    Sun compass

    “As a landscape photographer, it’s crucial that whatever the month, I know where the sun will rise and set to capture the best photos. A sun compass enables me to plan ahead so I can be in the best position, helping me to capture the scene in the ideal lighting conditions. I’ve used this trusty Flight Logistic (£20 from one for years,” says Tom.

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