Professional Photographer to the Rescue: seaside sunset photography made easy

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    Final tips from our professional photographer

    Final tips from our professional photographer: manual AF point selection

    Manual AF Point Selection
    “Jim had been using his 400D’s Auto AF Point selection, which meant his camera wasn’t always focusing in the best place for entirely sharp shots,” says Tom. “I explained to Jim how by using a narrow aperture to maximise depth of field, he can then manually pick the best AF Point to focus one third into the scene, ensuring his photos are acceptably sharp from the front to the back.”


    Final tips from our professional photographer: brighten or darken your photos

    Brighten or darken your photos
    As Jim was shooting in Av mode, Tom explained how he could use Exposure Compensation to control his results. “Jim can quickly use Exposure Compensation to dial in up to +/-2 stops of over-/under-exposure to brighten or darken his shots. This way the tones of his scenes will appear how he wants – not how his DSLR thinks they should be.”


    Final tips from our professional photographer: protect your memory cards

    Protect your memory cards

    “This small yet valuable little carry case keeps my CompactFlash cards protected before and after shoots. With hundreds of potentially lucrative photos on each card, it’s important that I keep my day’s work safe,” says Tom.

    “It’s good practice to not only keep your memory cards safe and sound in a hard case, but also to make sure you know which cards are empty (those face up) and full (those face down).”


    Final tips from our professional photographer: start off handheld

    Start off shooting handheld
    “For each shot, before Jim set up his tripod, I encouraged him to first shoot handheld to find the best place for the composition. Only when he was happy that he was in the right spot, did he unlock his DSLR on his tripod,” says Tom.

    “I then got him to take a series of photos of the same scene with his Canon kit lens. By working through the focal range from 18mm then taking a few shots and zooming in gradually to 55mm, Jim could clearly see which shot worked best.”

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