9 creative photo ideas to try in April

02 Shoot still life photography with personality

07 Shoot pictures of weather

07 Shoot pictures of weather

April is the perfect time to take artistic pictures that capture the weather in any of its many forms. Whether you choose rain, wind, sunshine or snow, the key is to let the weather take centre stage in the frame.

You might choose to shoot a storm battering the coastline, or city streets in a blizzard; or opt for a more peaceful picture, such as capturing the arc of a rainbow in a panorama or a mist-shrouded landscape in high-key black and white.

Alternatively, why not show the effects of weather, such as umbrellas and puddles in the rain, or melting ice-creams in the blazing summer sun?

There’s plenty of room to show your creativity here, and we’ll be looking for pictures that combine interesting weather with a memorable subject and setting.

Get started today…
* Short exposures are great for revealing details we might otherwise miss, such as individual raindrops and hail.
* Longer exposures can be an effective way of showing the power of the wind.
* Protect your gear from the elements – use a raincover to enable you to keep shooting.
* Use a sturdy tripod to support the camera during stormy conditions.
* Shoot in raw, to allow you to warm up or cool down a shot later using a different white balance setting.

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