9 creative photo ideas to try in April

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    05 Shoot out of focus

    05 Shoot out of focus

    Sharpness? So overrated. If you want to create a more free-form approach to your photography, try defocusing your lens to create a more impressionistic view of a scene.

    You’ll need to switch the lens to Manual Focus (MF) to be able to purposely defocus the shot, and you’ll get different results if you focus in front of the lights or beyond them.

    As always with photography techniques, some experimentation is in order – make sure you’ve got plenty of space on your memory card.

    Shoot in raw so that you’ve got the freedom to adjust white balance and exposure later, and use a tripod to enable you to frame the shot precisely.

    Get started today…
    * The exposure will change as the lens is defocused and bright areas bloom in the frame – keep an eye on this histogram to make sure your pictures aren’t too dark.
    * Use a telephoto lens to compress the elements in the picture.
    * Use the widest aperture to provide the smoothest out-of-focus highlights.

    PAGE 1: Shoot twilight portraits
    PAGE 2: Shoot still life photography with personality
    PAGE 3: Shoot a film noir style
    PAGE 4: Shoot quiet landscapes
    PAGE 5: Shoot out of focus
    PAGE 6: Shoot faces in unusual places
    PAGE 7: Shoot pictures of weather
    PAGE 8: Shoot wildlife with long exposures
    PAGE 9: Shoot baby sheep


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