Emotional Images: how to add feeling with muted tones and harmonious color

Using harmonious color schemes

Diffusing flash for softer colors

If want colors to look soft and natural when using flash, you need to diffuse the light.

Diffusing flash for softer colors


Step 1
For quick and easy outdoor diffusion, fit a translucent diffusion dome such as the Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce or LumiQuest UltraBounce (www.warehouseexpress.com).

Step 2
For more powerful diffusion, use a miniature softbox such as LumiQuest’s Mini Softbox or Lastolite’s ‘Micro Apollo’ (www.warehouseexpress.com).

Step 3
Indoors, bouncing flash off a reflector,   wall or ceiling spreads the light out over a larger area for softer, more natural lighting.

Step 4
Better flashguns have a built-in bounce card to reflect some light directly onto the subject when the unit is in bounce position. Make your own by securing a piece of white card around the back of the flash.

Diffusing flash for softer colors


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