Emotional Images: how to add feeling with muted tones and harmonious color

Using harmonious color schemes

Find out how to convey mood and make emotional images by using muted tones and harmonious color schemes. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to shoot on-trend emotional images without any fancy software.

Emotional Images: how to add feeling with muted tones and harmonious color

Color combinations

“Seek the strongest color effect possible. The content is of no importance…” declared Henri Matisse, the daddy of modern art and leader of the Fauves – a radical group that used flamboyant color to express mood and emotion rather than as a means of realistic visual representation.

If the great man were alive today he might well have applied this dictum to digital photography. By using a long telephoto or macro lens to isolate dynamic color combinations, you can create intriguing and arresting abstract compositions where color reigns supreme.

Bright, artificial objects found in the home or outdoors make excellent ‘dominant color’ subjects – for the best results shoot from an unusual viewpoint and carefully frame your subject to conceal its identity.

Take care when selecting your color combinations, though – in man-made urban environments, random contrasting colors often appear close together, which can give images a chaotic, jarring or even offensive feel.

PAGE 1: Choosing your color combinations
PAGE 2: Emotional images in low-key color
PAGE 3: Using harmonious color schemes
PAGE 4: Using the Monochrome palette
PAGE 5: Diffusing flash for softer colors


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