15 common photo printer problems and DIY solutions

15 common photo printer problems and DIY solutions

Nozzle and roller problems

Nozzle problems

11 Nozzle problems
A nozzle check will show if all colours are accurately rendered. Then run a cleaning cycle  and do the nozzle check again. Repeat this no more than three times. Canon users can then try a single Deep Cleaning cycle.

You can also have the printer serviced, or spray paper with glass cleaner and use it to make a test print. HP users can replace the cartridges, giving a new printhead and thus a new set of nozzles.


Roller problems

12 Roller problems
If your printer has managed to get ink on its rollers, you’re likely to find marks of colour repeating down the page in columns. Open the printer cover, identify which rollers are likely to have the ink on, and wipe them with a lint-free cloth soaked in glass cleaner.

Run a stack of cheap paper through piece by piece using the paper feed button, until the rollers aren’t leaving any more ink traces.

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