15 common photo printer problems and DIY solutions

15 common photo printer problems and DIY solutions

Paper feed and alignment errors

Paper feed problems

09 Paper feed problems
Banding, roller marks, scuff marks and ink markings at the top or bottom of the sheet can be down to the paper feed.

Turn off the ‘High Speed’ setting, if there is one. Next, try a different paper thickness setting via the relevant lever or in the driver.

For Canon printers, select ‘Prevent Paper Abrasion’ from the Custom settings in Maintenance. For Epson, tick the ‘Thick paper’ setting in the Printer Option and Information tab, also in Maintenance.

Flatten out curled paper, and try deselecting the ‘Maximise print area’ and ‘Minimise margins’ settings in the driver.

Dust both inside your printer and around the paper feed area with a lint-free cloth. Third-party paper might need help going through.


Alignment problems

10 Alignment problems
Print quality issues such as banding can also be caused by a misaligned printheads. The solution is to simply print the relevant test pattern, found by clicking Printer Alignment in the Maintenance section of your printer driver.

You should then be able to make manual alignment changes and print a second test pattern to confirm that the problem is solved.

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