Best tripod head: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Five things to look for when choosing the best tripod head

    Essential gear for taking pictures of buildings: quick-release tripod head

    The key features you’ll want your tripod head to have

    01 Do the twist
    If the tripod legs are level and the centre column isn’t extended, you can easily rotate heads that don’t have a pan-only lock.

    02 Pad it out
    If your main concern is tripod stability, check for excess sponge on the head, because too much can cause wobbles.

    03 Time to turn
    It takes longer to switch a ball head between portrait and landscape orientations than it does a pan-only head.

    04 Speed limit
    Three-way heads are good for precise positioning but can slow you down on location as they take a while to set up.

    05 On your level
    A single bubble level is easier to use than a dual spirit level for balancing a camera front-to-back and side-to-side simultaneously.

    PAGE 1: Benro BH2
    PAGE 2: Giottos MH 1311-652
    PAGE 3: Manfrotto 494RC2
    PAGE 4: Manfrotto 496RC2
    PAGE 5: Manfrotto 324RC2
    PAGE 6: Vanguard SBH-100
    PAGE 7: Five things to look for when choosing the best tripod head


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