Best tripod head: 6 top models tested and rated

Best Tripod Heads: Giottos MH 1311-652

Best Tripod Heads: Vanguard SBH-100

Best Tripod Heads: Vanguard SBH-100

Price: £60, $97
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Like the Giottos ball head, this Vanguard model features a pan-only lock that also comes with an adjustment scale calibrated in five-degree increments.

This enables precision panning while other tilt-and-swivel tweaks are locked off. The downside is that you need to release the pan lock as well as the main locking knob when switching to portrait-orientation shooting.

Other features include two spirit levels on the camera plate and a firmly locking quick-release plate, which has its own locking screw.

However, there’s no D-ring for fastening the camera to the quick-release plate, so you have to use a coin or a screwdriver.

There’s no adjustable friction-damper, and sagging can be noticed after you make positional changes. If you’re mounting a heavy lens then we’d advise anticipating the droop when you’re composing an image.

Weight: 450g
Max Height: 10.5cm
Max Load: 10kg
Pan-only Lock: Yes

WE SAY… Very reliable, but there’s noticeable sag after you make adjustments.

Score: 4/5

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PAGE 2: Giottos MH 1311-652
PAGE 3: Manfrotto 494RC2
PAGE 4: Manfrotto 496RC2
PAGE 5: Manfrotto 324RC2
PAGE 6: Vanguard SBH-100
PAGE 7: Five things to look for when choosing the best tripod head


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  • Edgar Foobar

    Giottos has the worst product and worst warranty service in my experience. Whwn you go for warranty service then they go by Danielle Inc, Omegabrandess etc.,