Best tripod head: 6 top models tested and rated

Best Tripod Heads: Giottos MH 1311-652

Best Tripod Heads: Manfrotto 324RC2

Best Tripod Heads: Manfrotto 324RC2

Price: £85, $137
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With its quick-action joystick design, all that’s needed to enable a full range of positional adjustments is a squeeze of the 324RC2’s trigger. That’s the theory, at least.

In practice, if you want to swivel the camera clockwise for portrait-orientation shots, to avoid the danger of it loosening on its connecting screw you have to remove the quick-release plate from the camera and reverse its orientation, just as you do with most three-way heads.

The adjustable friction-damper works well, but despite a relatively low maximum load rating of 3.5kg, the head lacks stability.

It’s much more prone to slipping than three-way and regular ball heads, and there’s noticeable sagging after you release the trigger grip to activate clamping.

To stop that telltale sag spoiling your shots, this tripod head is best used with light and short camera and lens combinations.

Weight: 470g
Max Height: 10.1cm
Max Load: 3.5kg
Pan-only Lock: No

WE SAY… Though the joystick is great for quick and easy use, overall stability isn’t brilliant.

Score: 3/5

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  • Edgar Foobar

    Giottos has the worst product and worst warranty service in my experience. Whwn you go for warranty service then they go by Danielle Inc, Omegabrandess etc.,