12 most popular photos on Photography Week (and the stories behind them)

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    Many of us had different reasons for becoming photographers, but ultimately we all want the same thing: to take amazing pictures.

    Our friends at the weekly iPad magazine Photography Week do an incredible job of finding the best photographers across a wide range of genres.

    Their popular Photo of the Day feature is part of what makes their thriving Facebook community such an inspiring place to be.

    Over the following pages we’ve selected the 12 most popular photos from Photography Week’s Facebook page – and in some cases the photographers have told us the story behind the image.

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    Above All by Michal Karcz

    12 most popular photos on Photography Week: Above All by Michal Karcz

    “This picture contains three shots mixed together in Photoshop. This is I what do with my pictures, to create a fantasy version of the Earth.

    “This picture contains photo of a mountain path in West Tatra Mountains and includes the clouds structures, and the main, high peak is Ama Dablam shot in Himalayas.” – Michal Karcz

    View more of Michal’s photography on his website


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