Camera Angles: 5 ways to add impact with unusual perspectives

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    Ideas For New Camera Angles: Twist the camera

    49 photography tips and time savers: master panning

    The main problem when taking shots of tall, thin objects, such as this sculpture, is the amount of space that surrounds them.

    It can look strange and un-artistic if the subject’s placed in the centre of the frame while you shoot upwards – fine for the pages of a scientific journal, but we want to create an artistic image.

    Twisting your camera so the subject takes a diagonal line through the frame is ideal for a pleasing, unusual composition.

    Twisting gives instant impact to most pictures. Try it!

    PAGE 1: Ideas For New Camera Angles – Shoot straight up
    PAGE 2: Ideas For New Camera Angles – Get down low
    PAGE 3: Ideas For New Camera Angles – Twist the camera
    PAGE 4: Ideas For New Camera Angles – Exaggerate features
    PAGE 5: Ideas For New Camera Angles – Kneel down


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