Photoshop Curves Tool: 6 techniques every photographer must know

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    In Depth – Inside the Photoshop Curves box

    In Depth - Inside the Photoshop Curves box

    1 Anchor points
    Plot these along the Curves line, then drag them up to lighten and down to darken.

    2 White and black points
    Drag these inwards to set new white and black points. Hold Alt while dragging for a view of any clipped pixels.

    3 RGB dropdown
    Select different colour channels here access the red, green or blue Curves lines.

    4 Preset
    Choose from a list of handy presets, or use them as a starting point for further tweaks.

    5 Pencil and smooth
    Toggle the Pencil tool on to draw a freehand Curve. Use the ‘Smooth Curves values’ option to smooth the line.

    6 Adjust brightness
    Toggle the Hand icon on, then drag up or down over tones in the image to control brightness.

    7 Histogram
    A graphical representation of all the tones laid out in a ‘tonal range’, with shadows on the left and highlights on the right.

    8 Eyedroppers
    Toggle the eyedroppers on, then click over a tone in the image to set it as white, black or midtone grey.

    9 Input and Output
    Input represents the original tones in the image (the X-axis), while Output represents the new brightness value on a scale of 0-255 (the Y-axis).

    PAGE 1: Essential Photoshop Curves Techniques – 01 Curves Adjustment Layer
    PAGE 2: Essential Photoshop Curves Techniques – 02 The Curve line
    PAGE 3: Essential Photoshop Curves Techniques – 03 Set white and black points
    PAGE 4: Essential Photoshop Curves Techniques – 04 The amazing S-curve
    PAGE 5: Essential Photoshop Curves Techniques – 05 Making selective adjustments
    PAGE 6: Essential Photoshop Curves Techniques – 06 Tweaking colour channels
    PAGE 7: Inside the Photoshop Curves interface


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