Behind The Image: David Clapp on finding images in the harshest of conditions

    | Inspire | 16/03/2013 02:00am

    Sometimes amazing photos are made when all you can think about is getting somewhere warm! In his latest guest blog post, professional photographer David Clapp explains how forces of nature combined to give him an unconventional photo composition.

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    Behind The Image: David Clapp on finding images in the harshest of conditions

    I took this image late last week when the workshop I was running was hit by all manner of weather.

    From blue skies and virgin snow came blizzards and impending doom, all thanks to the start of a ‘polar low’, the arctic equivalent to a tropical storm, but slightly colder.

    This is the Lofoten Islands again, at Haukland, a wonderful spot. The smooth sandy beach is just the right angle for the receding waves to leave these wonderful lines, this time caught coming towards the camera rather than pulling backwards.

    I was using my Canon EOS-1DS Mark III in full effect, with a 17-40mm f/4 L and a polariser. Each shot was around 1.5secs, so you can see that the waves were somewhat leisurely.

    Anticipating the surges, meant many deleted images, but this one stood out from the crowd in a big way.

    It’s the unusual dynamics that make this, with the force seeming to come from the middle of the image, rather than the usual linear diagonal sweep.

    The following day, whilst attempting to get back to Sweden,  we were stuck in a super-blizzard, which closed roads and caused all sorts of calamity, but this is what happens even towards the end of the winter out here. It’s an amazing place


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