Crop photos the right way: classic mistakes and how to avoid them

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    Crop photos creatively

    Crop photos creatively

    Image by Marcus Hawkins

    A great way to sharpen your eye for a picture is to put some time aside to play with unusual or more creative crops in the digital darkroom.

    You’ll soon be able to see what works and how you can get more experimental with your framing in the field.

    As well as trying the regular formats as highlighted on the previous page, start getting your eye in for detail shots which still convey the overall message of the original photo, or rotating the crop frame to explore more unusual angles.

    Cropping tighter on the shot after the event does reduce your printing options – you’re getting rid of a lot of picture information as you zoom in like this. It’s always better to crop in-camera.

    PAGE 1: Crop photos with a long lens
    PAGE 2: Crop photos with a wide lens
    PAGE 3: Crop photos using different formats
    PAGE 4: Crop photos creatively
    PAGE 5: Classic mistakes when cropping photos


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