Crop photos the right way: classic mistakes and how to avoid them

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    Crop photos using different formats

    Sunset Photography: everything you need to know

    The simplicity of this picture makes it an ideal choice for experimenting with composition and cropping.

    A good idea while you’re out shooting is to bag a simply constructed picture like this, get it on your computer and experiment with the Crop tool, making various different crops.

    Generally you should stick to crops that are constrained to the format of your CCD or square pictures, as these are the most pleasing frames to the eye.

    By all means experiment, but see page 5 of this post for some of the classic mistakes to avoid while cropping and framing photos.

    PAGE 1: Crop photos with a long lens
    PAGE 2: Crop photos with a wide lens
    PAGE 3: Crop photos using different formats
    PAGE 4: Crop photos creatively
    PAGE 5: Classic mistakes when cropping photos


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