Crop photos the right way: classic mistakes and how to avoid them

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    Crop photos with a wide lens

    Crop photos with a wide lens

    Cropping in and shooting specific detail in your subjects can be much more satisfying than just grabbing a ‘record’ shot. This VW Beetle is adorned with plenty of shiny chrome parts, and selectively deciding to crop out the rest of the car gives the image its own identity.

    Notice how it’s still been shot with a wide lens? Cropping out detail in your images doesn’t necessarily mean zooming in.

    A lot of the image’s impact comes from the fact that it’s been shot wide. Getting close and shooting on a wide-angle lens will take in much more detail than a standard or telephoto lens.

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    PAGE 2: Crop photos with a wide lens
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    PAGE 4: Crop photos creatively
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