Crop photos the right way: classic mistakes and how to avoid them

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    Knowing how to crop photos means getting your crop right both before and after you take the shot. In this easy-to-follow guide we’ll explain the secrets of success.

    Crop photos the right way: classic mistakes and how to avoid them

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    Even when the shoot is over the image may still not be finished. Cropping can have a dramatic affect on the way we interpret and view pictures of the world around us.

    It’s the first stage in image manipulation and begins with what you leave out of the shot when composing photos. In this section we’ll show you how to get the crop right both in-camera and back in the digital darkroom.

    Crop photos with a long lens

    Crop photos with a long lens

    Concentrating on a small part of your subject can often have a much more profound effect on the viewer and say more than the bigger picture.

    This welder’s grubby hands make for a great example of how spotting and picking out the essence of a character pays off.

    Cropping in so tight can sometimes be daunting, especially when dealing with people, but can be done from a distance by fitting a telephoto lens where you would ordinarily have chosen to use a standard lens.

    This shot could have been taken cropped in even closer for even more dirty nail impact.

    PAGE 1: Crop photos with a long lens
    PAGE 2: Crop photos with a wide lens
    PAGE 3: Crop photos using different formats
    PAGE 4: Crop photos creatively
    PAGE 5: Classic mistakes when cropping photos


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