10 common camera mistakes every photographer makes

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    Camera Mistake No. 8: Missing tripod quick release plate

    4 tips for sharper shots when using a tripod

    Quick release plates are very useful because they allow you to mount and unmount a camera on a tripod in a jiffy.

    The problem is that they are quite small and unless you always leave one on your camera or always make sure that the plate is clicked properly back onto the tripod head after use, they are prone to going missing.

    In an emergency a camera can be attached to a tripod head with elastic bands or even Gaffa tape, but it’s some way off ideal!

    Another option is to look around to see if there’s anything else that can be pressed into service. Can the camera be rested on a wall for example?

    Also consider pressing the camera onto the side of a tree or convenient post to help reduce some of the wobble.

    You may need to push the camera’s sensitivity setting up a little to allow a safer hand-holding shutter speed.

    If none of this works look to see if you can introduce more camera movement to make a creatively blurred image.

    And if that’s not on, put it down to experience and head to the shops to buy a quick release plate for every camera you own.

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