10 common camera mistakes every photographer makes

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    Camera Mistake No. 7: Shutter speed too fast for the flash

    In-camera flash settings: flash shutter speed

    This can catch you out when you’re shooting portraits outside with a fairly larger aperture to blur the background and you decide to use a bit of flash to fill in the shadows.

    In some cases the camera refuses to fire because it has recognised that the shutter speed is too fast for the exposure to sync with the flash firing.

    In this situation also usually gives you a clue by flashing the shutter speed in the viewfinder.

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    In other instances, however, the shutter will fire and the image has a black section because the shutter wasn’t fully open when the flash fired.

    If you want to stick with the same aperture the solution is to use a neutral density filter on the lens to take out some of the light and allow a longer shutter speed.

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