10 common camera mistakes every photographer makes

10 common camera mistakes every photographer makes

Camera Mistake No. 3: Flat battery

Sensor cleaning tips: charge your battery

Is there anything worse than flicking the power switch of your camera to discover that it’s completely lifeless? In some cases this can be followed by a few moments of panic during which the hapless photographer desperately tries to operate every control in a frantic search for life.

And then it dawns on them…it’s the battery, the battery is flat.

It doesn’t matter how many times you flick that switch on and off, the battery is out of juice and the only way you can take any shots is to charge it up for a couple of hours.

The best way out of this photographic hiatus is to have two batteries, one in the camera and the other in your bag and fully charged, ready to roll.

Then as soon as the opportunity comes along to charge the flat battery you do so. Don’t leave it, do it straight away.

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Camera Mistake No. 4: Wrong white balance

Final tips from our professional photographer: use the sunlight white balance setting

If you always shoot with the white balance setting set to automatic this probably won’t be a major issue for you, but if you take care to get the very best result you can in-camera and set the white balance to match the shooting conditions, then this is something to look out for.

Using a white balance value that’s designed for rendering warm indoor light neutral when you’re outside will make the world look very cold. Conversely, using a daylight white balance under artificial lighting can results in a very warm, almost orange image.

Your camera’s LCD screen is your saviour here, checking your image in it should alert you to any colour problems.

If you’re shooting outside in bright conditions don’t just give the LCD a cursory glance to check for exposure warnings, shade the screen and have a good look at the image colour, maybe even check the colour channel histograms to see if there are any unexpected peaks.

If things don’t look right, the chances are that the white balance needs adjusting.


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