10 common camera mistakes every photographer makes

10 common camera mistakes every photographer makes

We’ve all made simple camera mistakes – some great and some small – but there are some that creep up a bit more frequently than others.

Here are the top 10 most common camera mistakes that most photographers make at some point and how to avoid them.

10 common camera mistakes every photographer makes

Camera Mistake No. 1: Lens cap still on

This is a classic error and nothing makes you feel dumber than some smart-Alec pointing out that the camera works better when the lens cap is off.

Most of us manage to laugh it off only thinking of the retort ‘actually I’m just taking a dark frame for my noise removal protocols calibration. Don’t you do that?’ much later in the day. And inside you’re kicking yourself.

Try to get into the habit of tipping the camera up as you lift it towards your eye so that you can check if the lens cap is on.

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Camera Mistake No. 2: Wrong sensitivity selected

What is camera noise: example at ISO 1600

If you’ve been shooting in low-light indoors without flash and then you head out into brighter conditions (or vice versa) there’s a danger that the selected sensitivity setting will be wrong for the light conditions.

In some cases you may notice that the aperture or shutter speed values are flashing in the viewfinder to let you know that the maximum or minimum value is not sufficient, but on other occasions the settings may stay within these limits.

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They key is to stay vigilant and keep an eye on the exposure settings and if you are shooting a landscape in aperture priority mode with an aperture of f/16 and you find that the camera is suggesting a shutter speed of 1/2000sec, check the sensitivity setting.

You may still get a correctly exposed image, but it will be noisier than it needs to be.

Conversely if the sensitivity is too low when you head indoors the shutter speed won’t be fast enough to freeze any movement.


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