How to use a camera: exposure modes made simple

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    Using Program Shift / Flexible Program

    Using Program Shift / Flexible Program

    Your first step to controlling the shutter speed and aperture in Program mode is to use a feature called Program Shift.

    This gives you some control over the combination of shutter speed and aperture that the camera will use, without having to switch to one of the other exposure modes.

    To access this on most cameras you simply turn the main input dial to shift the combination of aperture and shutter speed that the camera will use.

    The main disadvantage of using Program Shift compared to either Shutter- or Aperture Priority is that when the light changes or you alter the framing to include darker or lighter areas most cameras will change the shutter speed, aperture or both to alter the exposure.

    This means it’s more difficult to use a specific aperture or shutter speed in this mode, but it’s a great way to expand the creativity of using Program mode.

    Program Shift is also perfect for those new to changing shutter speeds and apertures, as under normal lighting conditions it won’t let you select a shutter speed or aperture that’s beyond the range available to give the correct exposure.

    This safety net isn’t present in other modes, so they aren’t as beginner-friendly.

    Why do different settings give the same exposure?

    One of the most confusing aspects of choosing the settings for the correct exposure is that there isn’t just a single combination of shutter speed and aperture that will give you the correct exposure.

    At one particular ISO, there are several combinations of shutter speed and aperture that will give you the correct exposure.

    For example, if you have your camera set ISO200, 1/250 sec at f/5.6 will give exactly the same exposure as 1/15 sec at f/22.

    But the effect of the different shutter speeds and apertures will alter the appearance of your images, and is the reason the different exposure modes exist, as they give you complete control over which combination you want to use for creative effect.

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