How to use a camera: exposure modes made simple

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    Your camera display explained

    In this photography cheat sheet we illustrate some of the key points on your camera’s display and explain what they’re telling you about the picture you’re trying to take.

    To view the larger version of this cheat sheet, simply click on the infographic or drag it to your desktop.

    Your camera display explained

    PAGE 1: How to use a camera’s top dial
    PAGE 2: How to use Program mode
    PAGE 3: Program Mode Pros and Cons
    PAGE 4: Your camera display explained
    PAGE 5: Using Program Shift / Flexible Program
    PAGE 6: What is Aperture Priority mode?
    PAGE 7: Highs and lows of Aperture Priority mode
    PAGE 8: How to control depth of field in Aperture Priority mode
    PAGE 9: What is Shutter Priority mode?
    PAGE 10: How to use Shutter Priority mode?


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