How to use a camera: exposure modes made simple

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    Program Mode Pros and Cons

    Program Mode Pros and Cons

    What’s it good for?

    • Situations where you don’t have time to select the aperture or shutter speed.
    • Shooting in changing lighting when you don’t need a specific shutter speed or aperture for creative effects.
    • Learning the basic relationship between the aperture and shutter speed.
    • Street photography and candids.

    What’s it bad  for?

    • When you need full control over the shutter speed or aperture.
    • Learning to control the precise effects of blur and depth of field.

    PAGE 1: How to use a camera’s top dial
    PAGE 2: How to use Program mode
    PAGE 3: Program Mode Pros and Cons
    PAGE 4: Your camera display explained
    PAGE 5: Using Program Shift / Flexible Program
    PAGE 6: What is Aperture Priority mode?
    PAGE 7: Highs and lows of Aperture Priority mode
    PAGE 8: How to control depth of field in Aperture Priority mode
    PAGE 9: What is Shutter Priority mode?
    PAGE 10: How to use Shutter Priority mode?


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