How to use a camera: exposure modes made simple

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    How to use Program mode

    How to use Program mode

    Program mode can easily be dismissed as just a point and shoot option, as, on the face of it, it doesn’t give you any instant control over shutter speed or aperture. However, it’s not that simple.

    In Program mode the camera chooses both the shutter speed and aperture according to its computer program (hence the name), to decide on the correct exposure.

    If you don’t want to think about these settings, Program mode is perfect, but it has actually got much more to offer than just full automation.

    The first advantage of Program mode is that, unlike the Scene modes or fully automatic ‘green’ mode, it allows you to use Exposure Compensation.

    This enables you to override the suggested exposure, which is particularly useful when shooting predominantly light or dark subjects that can fool the camera’s exposure meter.

    Program mode also gives you control over several other key creative features, such as the flash and white balance modes, which aren’t available in many of your camera’s fully automatic modes.

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