How to use a camera: exposure modes made simple

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    How to use Shutter Priority mode

    How to use Shutter Priority mode: step 1

    1 Fast shutter speeds
    Check there isn’t a low exposure warning – either a flashing aperture number or ‘Lo’ displayed on the screen. If there is one, increase the ISO or use a slower shutter speed.


    How to use Shutter Priority mode: step 2

    2 Using slow shutter speeds
    Check for a high exposure warning. If so, set a lower ISO if one is available or use a faster shutter speed, otherwise use a Neutral Density or polarising filter.

    Pros and Cons of Shutter Priority mode

    What’s it good for?

Shooting sports and action where you need control over the shutter speed

    What’s it bad for?

Most landscape photography
    • Any subject where you need precise control over the depth of field

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