Best budget tripods: 6 top models tested and rated

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    5 things to look for in a budget tripod

    Buying a new tripod can be a tricky business – follow these simple tips to make the right choice

    01 Leg locks
    Most legs have clip locks, rather than twist ones – the former tend to be quicker to use. You can usually adjust locking tension if necessary.

    02 Head type
    Three-way heads are good for precise pan, tilt and swivel tweaks. Ball heads are quicker, and often have a separate panning control.

    03 Leg sections
    Extra sections enable tripods to fold down smaller. However, the additional joints and thin bottom sections reduce stability.

    04 Material
    Carbon-fibre tripods can be about 25 per cent lighter than equivalent aluminium models, and absorb vibrations better. But shattering is a risk.

    05 Height
    A big maximum height ups shooting options, but you can invert or pivot the centre columns on all the tripods here, to shoot down to ground level.

    PAGE 1: Best budget tripods – Benro FlexPod A297EX + BH2-M head
    PAGE 2: Best budget tripods – Giottos MTL9361B + MH1311-652 head
    PAGE 3: Best budget tripods – Hama Omega Carbon II
    PAGE 4: Best budget tripods – Jessops Major Carbon Fibre
    PAGE 5: Best budget tripods – Manfrotto 055X PROB + 496RC2 head
    PAGE 6: Best budget tripods – Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH + GH-100 head
    PAGE 7: 5 things to look for in a budget tripod


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