Flash Portraits: creative off-camera lighting techniques you have to try

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    Make the most of your surroundings

    Make the most of your surroundings

    Rather than getting your model to just lean against a wall or stand with her arms crossed, encourage her to interact with her surroundings.

    In this case, an interesting door on a derelict building has helped to frame Clare and enabled her to create a funky pose.
    By shooting low, we’ve created the illusion that she’s a lot taller.

    Make the most of your surroundings for creative flash portraits

    It was getting quite late in the day by this time and the light was fading fast, which helped create a vignetting effect. Clare’s face has caught the light and really stands out.

    Here we used a 18-70mm lens at the longest focal length to capture this lovely headshot of our model Clare. We positioned the flashgun almost head-on, parallel to her face and about three feet away.

    Make the most of your surroundings for creative flash portraits

    This meant that she was well lit and the door in the background caught enough light too. We shot at f/5.6 to throw the background out of focus, with a shutter speed of 1/125sec. As with the rest of the shoot, we kept the Speedlight set to Auto mode.

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