Flash Portraits: creative off-camera lighting techniques you have to try

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    Where to position your off-camera flash

    Where to position your off-camera flashWith Clare standing on a beer garden table, we adjusted the flash stand to its highest extension. We positioned it to the left of her, then got her to lean over towards the flash.

    By doing this, we avoided the risk of the flash shooting from below the height of her head and producing unflattering shadows on her neck. We asked Clare to lift her head and strike an interesting pose.

    The simple sky background enhances this clean, well-lit shot. Don’t be afraid to ask your model to look away from the camera for different shots – and remember that expressions don’t always have to be serious!

    Flash positioned left

    Flash portrait with the flashgun positioned to the left

    Positioning the flash to the left of Clare caused a deep shadow to appear on the wall behind her and brought out the detail in her jacket.

    The left side of her jacket is particularly well illuminated and the way her face is lit helps to give the shot depth.

    Flash positioned right

    Flash portrait with the flashgun positioned to the right

    This is the same pose and the same location, but placing the flash to the right and facing Clare more directly has created a more even spread of light.

    The right side of her face not only catches direct flash light but also light that’s bounced off the wall.

    Now the right side of Clare’s jacket shows more detail and the left side of the image is darker and faded.

    PAGE 1: How to get started taking off-camera flash portraits
    PAGE 2: Essential gear for flash portraits
    PAGE 3: Choosing locations for flash portraits
    PAGE 4: Alternative lighting
    PAGE 5: Where to position your off-camera flash
    PAGE 6: Make the most of your surroundings in your flash portraits


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