Flash Portraits: creative off-camera lighting techniques you have to try

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    Alternative lighting

    Alternative lighting for flash portraits

    Keeping an eye on your camera’s LCD screen means you’re able to see whether you’ve positioned the flashgun in the best possible spot.

    For the shot above, we brought Clare about a foot away from the shutters and got her to stand facing us head-on.

    We kept the flash in the same spot as for the shot on the previous page, but rotated it slightly to cast a huge shadow on the shutters and leave the right side of Clare’s face in the shade as well.

    It’s a much moodier shot and has a greater sense of depth about it. It was taken using Manual mode at 1/125 sec at f/7.1; ISO 200.

    PAGE 1: How to get started taking off-camera flash portraits
    PAGE 2: Essential gear for flash portraits
    PAGE 3: Choosing locations for flash portraits
    PAGE 4: Alternative lighting
    PAGE 5: Where to position your off-camera flash
    PAGE 6: Make the most of your surroundings in your flash portraits


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