Flash Portraits: creative off-camera lighting techniques you have to try

Flash Portraits: creative off-camera lighting techniques you have to try

Choosing locations for flash portraits

Choosing locations for flash portraits

The photo location you choose can give your off-camera flash portraits real impact.

The outside of a derelict building will often have plenty of character and decay, and is always worth considering.

For the shot below, we found these bold, green garage door shutters.

Choosing locations for flash portraits: try derelict or industrial buildings

As you can see, the perfect location isn’t always the easiest place to work in. We were confined by the parked cars blocking the entrance to the garage, but by working around this obstacle and positioning Clare, our model, as close to the shutters as possible, we were able to create the impression that there was nothing in the way and that we had plenty of space available.

For the photograph above, we shot at an angle with the shutters fading off into the distance. They also made a colourful backdrop for the close-up headshot on the opening page of this article.

With the flash positioned to the left of Clare and about four feet away from her, a slight shadow has been cast on the shutters. Her face is angled slightly towards the flash, which gives an impression of depth.

The detail in her hair has been slightly burnt out, but this just adds to the shot’s overall impact.

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