Our popular Canon SLR Handbook now available for iPad and iPhone!

Our popular Canon SLR Handbook now available for iPad!

Are you a Canon SLR user? If so, check out our new iPad special: a 220-page Canon SLR Handbook packed with video lessons and practical advice on mastering your Canon camera.

Our popular Canon SLR Handbook now available for iPad!

What’s inside our new Canon iPad guide

The Canon SLR Handbook is a comprehensive course for learning how to use your EOS digital camera. Filled with practical advice, it’s the instruction manual that should have come in the box with your Canon D-SLR!

Our comprehensive 18-lesson Canon SLR College provides a complete introduction to photography with a Canon SLR – from how to change your lens, to how to master apertures and shutter speeds.

Our tutorials, and the accompanying videos you’ll discover free with the digital edition, show you how to edit the pictures you take using the software that is shipped with every Canon digital SLR.

As you learn more about photography, you will be tempted to invest in more lenses and other accessories – but make sure you read our fact-packed group tests before making a decision about what to buy!

You can buy it now via the free Photography Week, Digital Camera or PhotoPlus app (go here if you don’t have any of these on your iPad or iPhone already http://goo.gl/uq01T). The Canon SLR Handbook costs just £6.99 / $9.99 for the digital edition.

Or if you prefer the print version (which has has now been reprinted four times), you can order the bookazine + videodisc online here: http://bit.ly/VAgw9P for £14.99.


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