9 creative photo ideas to try in March

9 creative photo ideas to try in March: shoot with a bargain f/1.8 lens

09 Shoot inspiring architecture

9 creative photo ideas to try in March: shoot inspiring architecture

Capture the beauty of buildings in a single frame, whether you’re picking out detail, shape and colour with a telephoto zoom, or using a wide-angle lens to capture a sweeping cityscape.

The subject of your photo doesn’t have to be a monumental cathedral or famous landmark.

Start close to home with your own town and local landmarks, as you’ll be able to be on the spot quickly to make the most of the best light.

Of course, images of iconic buildings are always welcome, but try to photograph them in unusual and creative ways we may not have seen before.

Get started today…
* Standing at a distance with a telephoto lens can produce more flattering images.
* Spend some time moving around the subject to find more interesting angles.
* Use lead-in lines to take the viewer’s eye through the picture.
* Architecture often includes shiny surfaces. Fitting a polariser will help combat glare, with the added benefit of saturating colours (see this issue’s fold-out field guide for more on this).
* Pointing your camera up to include bright sky in the frame will fool your camera into under-exposing the building or over-exposing the sky. The best way to reduce that contrast is to fit a graduated Neutral Density (ND) filter.

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PAGE 9: Shoot inspiring architecture


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