9 creative photo ideas to try in March

9 creative photo ideas to try in March: shoot with a bargain f/1.8 lens

07 Shoot the Venice Carnival

9 creative photo ideas to try in March: shoot the Venice Carnival

The annual Venice Carnival runs from 2-14 February, and it’s worth making the trip to soak up the atmosphere, because you’re guaranteed great pictures. The Carnival participants love being photographed.

Weekdays are much quieter than the weekend. “Get up before dawn, wrap up warm and bag yourself a sunrise portrait of a carnival reveller who’s been out all night,” says photographer Andrea Thompson.

Head down to the waterfront near St Mark’s Square at around 6.30am and wait for the masks to appear.

Shoot them in the pre-dawn light using slow-sync flash; then, as the sun rises, use the golden light to make your models stand out.

Get started today…
* Expect to pay £50-80 per night for 
a B&B in Venice. The further you walk from the St Mark’s Square tourist hotspot, the cheaper everything is.
* There’s no need to snatch shots candidly – approach the models and ask them to pose for you.

PAGE 1: Shoot a single colour
PAGE 2: Shoot light trails
PAGE 3: Shoot with a bargain f/1.8 lens
PAGE 4: Shoot the moon
PAGE 5: Shoot with the wrong white balance
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PAGE 7: Shoot the Venice Carnival
PAGE 8: Shoot the urban underground
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