Nikon D7100 vs D600: which DSLR should you choose?

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    Nikon D7100 vs D600: key points to know (11-12)

    11) Size and weight

    As you’d expect, the D7100 is both smaller and lighter than the D600 – but not by much. The D600 is just a few millimeters larger, and only 85g heavier. And that, in a full-frame camera, is deeply impressive. On paper, the D7100 is the winner, but all things considered we think the D600 deserves the top prize here.

    12) Cost

    This is the bottom line. The D7100, with 18-105mm kit lens, has an initial RRP of £1300, and that’s sure to fall steadily over the coming weeks and months. The cheapest we can find the D600 with a 24-84mm lens, the nearest equivalent, is £1800. That’s a pretty big difference, and once you factor in the cost of new lenses (if you’re upgrading from a DX format Nikon), the gap grows larger still.

    Nikon D7100 vs D600: what we think

    Stepping up to full-frame is a big decision, and even though the D600 is Nikon’s most ‘affordable’ FX format camera yet, it’s still a major investment – especially when you take new lenses into account.

    But we think full-frame is still the way to go for all-out quality, and if that’s the way you feel too, then we don’t think the D7100 should change your mind. It looks like a brilliant camera, but it’s not full-frame.

    However – and this is the most important point – the D7100 now offers an upgrade choice for those who’ve outgrown their D3000- or D5000- series camera, or whose D90 or D300s has just got too long in the tooth.

    Before, the D600 was the only way forward – and a very expensive one, too. Now, though, DX fans can get a massive step up in features, speed and quality without having to abandon their DX lenses or spend huge amounts of cash. This is what makes the D7100 such an exciting – and important – new camera for Nikon fans.

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