Family Photos: what the pros won’t tell you about taking pictures of family

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    Group family photos: how to keep them engaged

    Getting the best from your family

    Restlessness can set in fairly quickly when posing-up the whole family. Getting everyone as close together as possible, so that they look like a family rather than just a group of random people, should be done quickly. Having your camera settings ready to go as soon as everyone is in position will help too.

    Switching to Continuous Shooting mode for group family photos and taking a series of three pictures will increase your chances of making sure everyone has their eyes open and is looking at the camera.

    Of course, family group pictures won’t include the person who’s taking the shots in them, unless you use a tripod.

    Your camera’s self-timer will do the job of activating the shutter, but investing in a remote cable will mean you can control the situation fully.

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