Family Photos: what the pros won’t tell you about taking pictures of family

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    Getting the best from your family

    Getting the best from your family

    Every single person you’ll ever photograph is unique and your family are no exception. Some people are comfy sitting down, while others are more at ease standing or leaning against a wall.

    Work with your family’s personas and what makes them happy rather than dictate forced and awkward poses.

    Get everyone to wear comfortable clothes that reflect their personality: there’s no point putting someone in trousers if they’re happier in jeans.

    Keep the colours of the clothes plain and in the same tonal range as the skin. Avoid logos or anything that will distract attention from the face.

    The light will be better outside than indoors, but don’t write indoor shots off. Most rooms have a large, bright window that’s suitable for indoor portraits.

    Get their faces as close to the light source as possible and use a reflector, as you would outside. For best results, turn the lights off and remove any distractions from the background.

    The difference in light values from the face to the back of the room should be enough to make the background almost black, especially for close-ups.

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