Family Photos: what the pros won’t tell you about taking pictures of family

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    How to capture candid pictures of family

    How to capture candid pictures of family

    The best time to take candid family photos is towards the end of the shoot, as the children’s mood starts to become calmer and more thoughtful.

    At this stage, they’ll be so used to you rushing around them with a camera in your hands that you’ll be able to shoot them from very close range on wide-angle lenses without them noticing.

    Don’t treat your family photos like a formal portrait sitting and usher them into unnatural poses or even try too hard to get them looking towards the camera. Let them do their own thing and carry on shooting.

    Encourage them to relax and play with their toys or explore the area – you’ll be able to sneak loads of eye-to-eye portraits when they momentarily look your way.

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