Family Photos: what the pros won’t tell you about taking pictures of family

How to capture candid pictures of family

How to direct family photo shoots

How to direct family photo shoots

As the ‘golden hour’ passes and the children’s energy levels begin to drop, it becomes the perfect time to capture the connection between friends or siblings. It’s also easier to start giving directions at this stage, because by then they’ll be used to the camera.

Remember to switch your camera back into a portrait set-up by shifting the autofocus mode back to Single Shot and using the central focus point to make sure the eyes are in focus.

Choose a wide aperture – around f/3.5 or f/5.6 – to blur the background. Go for focal lengths between 70-200mm to help soften the background.

Avoid shooting from a standing position and make the effort to get down to their eye level. Not only is it vital to make an emotional connection, from a practical point of view it also makes it easier to see the whole of the face when shooting lower.

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