Family Photos: what the pros won’t tell you about taking pictures of family

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    How to take family action photos

    How to take family action shots

    01 Fit your widest lens to avoid cropping the shot too tightly.

    02 Use a High Speed Continuous drive mode to catch all the action.

    03 Choose the Continuous autofocus mode or your camera’s Sports mode for moving subjects.

    04 Switch to Automatic AF point selection for more accurate focusing.

    05 Shoot RAW for best quality. Alternatively, shoot high-quality JPEGs to get more shots before the buffer fills up.

    06 Turn on your flash to help fill shadows in overhead, midday sun.

    07 Take plenty of memory cards as you’ll be amazed how quickly the shots roll by. This is especially important if you are shooting raw format files and/or recording HD video.

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