Best camera flash for portrait photography: 6 models tested and rated

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    5 things to look for in a flashgun for portrait photography

    From power to add-ons, here are the things to consider if you want to run rings around conventional flash

    01 Power considerations
    If you want to compete with the brightness of the sun in outdoor portraiture, you’ll need plenty of poke. A really powerful all-in-one system such as the Lencarta gives maximum power.

    02 Weight and handling
    The size and weight of a full-size studio flash head, ring light converter, camera and lens can result in an unwieldy setup that’s usually too heavy for comfortable handheld shooting.

    03 The drawbacks of converters
    Ring flash converters for flashguns sap output power, so you’ll generally find you have a shooting range of around three metres.

    04 TTL flash metering
    A bonus of dedicated ring-type flashguns and flashgun converters is that they enable automatic flash metering, as well as being much smaller and more lightweight to use.

    05 Additional lights
    For the ultimate in portrait lighting, ring flash is often best used as part of a group that includes studio flash heads.

    PAGE 1: Ray Flash Adapter
    PAGE 2: Rotolight RL48-B Creative Colour Kit
    PAGE 3: Orbis Ringflash
    PAGE 4: Nissin MF18 Macro Flash
    PAGE 5: Bowens Ringlite Converter
    PAGE 6: Lencarta Safari Li-on Ringflash Kit
    PAGE 7: 5 things to look for in a flashgun for portrait photography


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